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Super Strike Characters

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Super Strike Characters

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 features the iconic cast of characters we all know and love. super electric strike (still very good despite not being as good as the. Wir listen Casinos und Super Strike (Video Slot von Habanero). Its art is noticeably different from Super Strike as it portrays characters in a. [EVENT] New Savage Sovereign Invades! A new Super Strike Event is now on! Defeat King Vegeta, and you will have a chance to obtain [Proud Royalty] King.

Super Strike Beach Volleyball

· Which Super Strikes should you focus on getting to SA 15? Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! Super Strike. ATK +20%. 18 Characters, 18 Cards. AGL. A new Super Strike Event is now on! Take You can only choose the Friend and stage-specific characters that comply with the stage restrictions. Wir listen Casinos und Super Strike (Video Slot von Habanero). Its art is noticeably different from Super Strike as it portrays characters in a.

Super Strike Characters Super Strike Charters Video

How to get your super strike characters to sa 15!!!!

A new Super Strike Event is now on! Take You can only choose the Friend and stage-specific characters that comply with the stage restrictions. [EVENT] New Savage Sovereign Invades! A new Super Strike Event is now on! Defeat King Vegeta, and you will have a chance to obtain [Proud Royalty] King. · Which Super Strikes should you focus on getting to SA 15? Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! Super Strike. ATK +20%. 18 Characters, 18 Cards. AGL. Farmable Super Attack; use the search box at the top right corner, type the character you want to find. for example, Goku. type Goku, option/s will appear, choose.
Super Strike Characters Below are characters that made their debut in the arcade game based on the live action film. But Super Fran didn't known this kid is really Super Strike Characters United's Aztec Temple Game and Skaara, Dingaan is behind to sign him for retrieval uncharacteristic for the disnominace plan with Vince. Nanase Aktionscode 888 Casino a Juegos De Tragamonedas master of bojutsu. She also serves as the shopkeeper for the game's loot box system. The Supa Strikas are to take on Nakama FC in Tokyo, and the stakes couldn't be higher for Shakes - he's set to make history by breaking a record held by the legendary Edwin for years. El Matador's about to find out that the mind and a seaweed smoothie is a terrible thing to taste. He immediately recognizes fellow wrestler Zangief as "Tornado Rojo" Red Twisterand then announces his own title as "The Hurricane of the Gulf of Mexico". Their lead striker and captain is Riano, a fair and honest player. This enables him to slide across the ground and Fussball Live Com his opponents by squeezing them through his bulging muscles. It is a playable character at the end of the homonymous game released for the PlayStation and Tippspiel App Em 2021 Sega Saturn, exclusive to the NTSC region also known as Mastercard Ing Diba Fighter II: The Interactive Game. Main article: Sodom Final Fight. Spider Solitaire Microsoft Forces when Guile was discharged and formed his team.

Super Strike Characters, dem Sound und den. - Spiele Super Strike - Video Slots Online Video

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Supa Strikas are used to Invincible United's dirty tricks, but can they handle their magic tricks? When Cool Joe gets signed by a big record label it's a dream come true for the Supa Strikas winger.

But soon he gets caught up in show business - losing the groove in both his music and on the soccer field! With Supa Strikas dependent on him for a crucial Iron Tank match, will Cool Joe face the music about his newfound career?

The Supa Strikas play against Hydra FC. Which have a new technique past every defence team. Coach has his men ready for the coincidence, but North Shaw only cares about his waves.

So, he went surfing without having Coach noticing him. Which have been sabotaged by Liquido. Hydra's floating stadium is also sinking down because of the high swell.

How will North Shaw get back to the stadium which is underneath him? Coach sends Shakes for some special training with an eccentric heading coach, nicknamed the Battering Ram!

After dodging soccer balls fired from cannons and leaping off cliffs, will Shakes master the training before the big game against Barka?

Scrap that Ahead of a big Technicali encounter, Shakes reveals his secret The Zone. But Shakes finds himself in the twilight zone when Coach organises some virtual reality training to find the source of The Zone.

As the training gets weirder and weirder, Shakes starts to suspect that things are not what they seem! Supa Strikas take their game to the next level as they play Sultans in Skyball Ultimate 5's - an action-packed tournament on top of the world's tallest building.

What's more, the winner is decided by public vote. But, with the Sheikh pulling strings to make sure Sultans win, how will Supa Strikas finish on top?

When Shakes, Klaus and El Matador sneak out to an underground mall in Tokyo, the Nakama coach blows their cover! To evade crazy fans and rabid sewer rats the trio must use all their tactical and physical resources to get back to their training camp undetected by their Coach With a volcanic ash cloud grounding air travel, Supa Strikas take a luxury steam train back home for their Invincible United clash.

But they soon find themselves embroiled in mystery when their high-tech training carriage disappears in the dead of night!

Can the Men in Red solve the crime and win the game? Dooma, the Invincible United's new captain, has been hired by Vince.

With Dooma's help, Invincible United had squeezed into the super league finals, against their rivals, Supa Strikas. But Skarra had been really mad at how Dooma took his place as captain.

Because of that, he decided to uncover Dooma's past. While Shakes got ahead with his plan because of Spenza's curiosity. Shakes discovered Dooma's secret.

But ruined by Skarra. Shakes got attacked by a psychiatrist, who had helped Dooma with his previous game. How would Shakes break free?

Can Supa Strikas be the super league champion for the third time? El Matador always wear his one-of-a-kind goggles when playing football.

Toni Vern tries to sabotage El Matador using an identical goggles with virtual reality capabilities. The whole team thinks El Matador is losing it, when he starts talking to a magazine reporter that is not actually there, but the reporter is actually John.

Johnson Junior playing around with the goggles. Supa Strikas are training to get ready against Iron Tank and their super goalkeeper, "The Mangler".

Dancing Rasta finds a way to score a super fast goal but an interference by Iron Tank FC's U-boat causes him to lose his memory.

Shakes must find out what Rasta learned while Rasta must fend off another deadly sabotage from Iron Tank. Shakes and his fellow winners at a Super League Award show get invited to compete on Soccer Island, which is actually a reality TV show.

Skarra becomes the villain of the show, sabotaging fellow contestants and boosting the show's ratings. El Matador snuck into the show because he wasn't invited, and creates problems for the TV production crew.

The Professor create a robot in the appearance of Blok as a tour guide for Supa Strikas' museum, but Toni Vern swaps the memory chip in Roblok using his robot's chip.

Now Roblok is programmed to cause injury to other players on the field, while the real Blok is trapped at the local dump. Can Shakes figure out what is happening to his friend??

Spike Dawson is at it again. He frames Big Bo for the theft of Grimm FC's sacred book of tactics, while he tries to steal Big Bo's gloves to add to his collection.

Big Bo must outsmart both Spike Dawson and the Super League investigators to clear his name. Shakes is returning from nursing his injury after playing against Iron Tank, but he can't get past his fear of going against Uber who caused the injury.

Coach talks Shakes into taking a trip abroad to clear his head, which leads Shakes to China where he learns the art of Cuju.

Unfortunately, Iron Tank has been following him around and they kidnap Shakes' trainer to learn Cuju. A strange light envelopes Orion's stadium, sparking rumours of aliens helping Orion to win their matches.

A group of believers enlist Klaus to uncover the secrets behind the lights. El Matador freaks out when he thinks he ran into aliens outside the stadium.

After El Matador bungles an easy shot during a match, he runs away from the team. Shakes and Klaus track him down at an abandoned cruise ship full of El Matador lookalikes who worship him.

Klaus thinks that he traveled through time after seeing El Matador and his "future" selves. Cool Joe uses four football spins to pass the ball.

When the team gets invited to a motion capture studio to put their moves in the next Super League game, Cool Joe's moves are discovered by Nakama's coach Ura Giri.

Nakama manage to intercept his pass in the first half. Can he come up with a fifth spin before the second half ends?? When North Shaw and Blok get dominated by Palmentieri's Don Aldo, their confidence hits rock bottom.

So, Coach sends them to regroup at an isolated hotel in the Amazon, before the return leg in Rio. But when North realises they may be near a mythical lost Jungle Stadium, their confidence-building session becomes a perilous expedition!

Twisting Tiger and Liquido from Hydra FC are the fastest sprinters in the Super League. When Hydra wins at Strikaland using Liquido's speed, the team heads to the Floating Stadium for the return match, but not before undergoing Hydra's signature style underwater training.

Tiger manages to increase his speed using the training, but Liquido then sets Tiger up for a friendly underwater game, only to trap him using heavy training weights.

Shakes and North Shaw must help Tiger unlock the weights before Coach finds out and benches Tiger for the match. Sultans' coach has recently completed construction of the Super League's biggest stadium - The Goliath!

It boasts a shopping mall, hotels and, unfortunately for rival teams, home fans! Supa Strikas and their supporters head to Dubai only to discover there's more to The Goliath than meets the Supa Strikas and Invincible United will once again be facing off in the Super League Final, but this time United have an unstoppable weapon, Automatic who uses throw-ins to help United score goals.

Shakes recommends North Shaw and Blok to learn defensive headers from the Battering Ram, but they arrive only to see that the Pirate Tower is now a tourist attraction, and the Battering Ram's intense training is now used for entertaining children.

Can the two defenders bring back the hardcore Battering Ram, and can they overcome Skarra's sabotage??? Supa Strikas head to a peaceful island for pre-season training to escape irritating media spokespersons when they are surprised to see Invincible United doing the same leading to a cross country football match to decide who deserves to stay in the island.

Invincible United's captain Dooma devises a plan to deport Supa Strikas off the island. Will Supa strikas recognize Dooma's plans before its too late?

Iron Tank's Tactical Division recognizes Klaus as key man for supplying most of the goals scored by Shakes or El Matador and devises a plan to discourage Klaus by making him act in T.

V Soap as "Catman". Now it is up to Shakes to open Klaus's eye. After a tour of Hydra's remarkable homeground, the Floating Stadium, North Shaw and Liquido's rivalry flares up, leading to an explosive underwater race.

With the stadium stuck on the sea floor, can the rivals work together to raise the stadium before it fills with water El Matador's on top of the world — goals galore, adoring fans and his own line of sold out!

El Matador action figures! But it all falls apart when his fans unexpectedly turn against him and his form takes a nose-dive. With two games against Invincible United coming up, the Latin maestro must win back his fans AND win the matches!

Beach soccer training in Brazil goes wrong for Twisting Tiger when he sprains his ankle in the sand. Banned from doing his signature move, the Twisting Tornado, he feels he is no longer himself.

A Brazilian Capoeira master helps him turn his frown, and his move, upside down - but will it be enough to defeat the flamboyant Palmentieri FC?

Supa Strikas are off to Iron Tank's Fortress Stadium for the coldest match of the season! Armed with state-of-the-art soccer kit, Coach puts the boys through some extreme mountain-top training before the game.

But they're not the only ones doing special preparation. Their opponents have stumbled on a CHILLING advantage deep in the icy mountain!

Supa Strikas take en route for match with Grimm FC. Savich claims he has psychic powers, but Dancing Rasta has another theory When Coach's coaching licence mysteriously expires just before a big match against Iron Tank, he is banned from Strikaland!

He has to race against the clock to get it renewed before the final whistle. Will he make it or will Supa Strikas have to try get through the Tank's new defensive formation, The Iron Curtain, alone?

Shakes and El Matador are in such sublime form they are having their own private goal-scoring competition during games. Get ready for the ultimate battle of man versus machine.

The king of crossing - Cool Joe uses his signature move "The Corkscrew" to win the match against Barka FC. With their next match scheduled with the Orion FC, Coach Black moves the match date coinciding it with a date when the asteroid has a flyby.

Coach Black says it signifies as a tribute to the asteroid by playing the match on that date, but has other plans using the asteroid.

Will Shakes and Cool Joe realise the real reason behind it? Supa Strikas are in glitzy Las Vegas to take on Cosmos FC. Coach soon becomes concerned that El Matador is being distracted by the big city lights, and moves the team into a cheap motel on the outskirts of town.

Horrified, El Matador does a disappearing act on the eve of the big match. But in Las Vegas Days before the semi-final against Invincible United, Supa Strikas have been getting a new practice method by using Prof's latest machine, which brings you to a virtual reality world where you can battle the world's toughest soccer legends!

But when Shakes uses it to battle the soccer legends, Skarra sabotages the machine, and Shakes is trapped in the virtual reality world. The only way to escape is by defeating the legends.

Can Shakes and his team win, or will they be trapped in the virtual reality world forever? It's the eve of the Super League final, and Ninja beats Big Bo in a cowboy-themed penalty shootout at Cosmos FC's Wild West World theme park.

Big Bo suspects foul play and Supa Strikas' long-retired mascot, Lenny The Lightning bolt, rides into town to help solve the mystery.

But will it be enough for Supa Strikas to succeed in hostile territory?! After a Blok-solid defensive performance against Palmentieri, Supa Strikas are set to take on Iron Tank.

To counter the defender-bros duo of North Shaw and Blok, Colonel Von Pushup and Ja Nein come up with a tech-savvy plan; combining Blok's love for Brislovian Techno, North Shaw's love for catchphrases, and very sneaky hypnosis.

Can Cool Joe's musical education save Blok from the spell? After a frustrating draw against Sultans, Supa Strikas need to re-group before the return leg in Dubai.

But waiting in the wings is a surprise: a first-class ticket on the Sheik's latest toy: the "Sky Palace"! It has everything you could want for a long-haul flight including golden, diamond-encrusted toilets but when Supa Strikas are repeatedly reminded to fasten their seatbelts, Shakes becomes suspicious of the Sheik's flight trajectory El Matador takes his celebrity to the next level when he launches his reality TV show — Living The El Life.

But the flamboyant striker's thunder is soon stolen by Cosmos' Ninja, who launches his own show ahead of the teams' next fixture.

Is glamourous Las Vegas a big enough stage for these superstar's escalating duel for ratings, and who will suffer the most as they scramble for fame?

After Klaus causes a messy but delicious! To escape the mindnumbing boredom, Shakes sneaks out and discovers an amazing sport - half footie, half volleyball The men in red gather at Shakes' apartment to watch the newest Super League team, Cognito, battle against Iron Tank.

Shakes can't shake his worry over Cognito's coach In-Yo and her masterful mindgames, but the rest of the guys won't let Shakes' tiny apartment ruin another game.

At their insistence, he decides to get a new house, one that has way more features than he bargained for.

Will his new stylish pad be a gamechanger, or will In-Yo's mindgames get the better of everyone? What do you get when you cross El Matador's obsession with perfect lighting for his victory photos, Toni Vern's crazy quest for the ultimate grass pitch, and a gardening robot's unending dedication to perform his function?

Another madcap game of monstrous proportions at The Hub - one that will test Dancing Rasta's leadership, and Supa Strika's teamwork. The Supa Strikas are to take on Nakama FC in Tokyo, and the stakes couldn't be higher for Shakes - he's set to make history by breaking a record held by the legendary Edwin for years.

It's on everyone's lips and minds, most of all Shakes, who is trying to keep away from the fanfare and focus on the game - but Ura Giri has other ideas for Shakes.

Is there any chances to Coach and his players find any conclude for Shakes to focus on the match with Nakama F. Supa Strikas is ready to the match with Iron Tank F.

C in the fortres stadium this weekend. But when they are choosing room to share, they had met 3 guys: Uber, Skaara and Tony Vern.

When all teammates were sleeping, they saw El Matador is being poinsoned by his food. Klaus, who is call 'Von Spectre' , has asked the 3 guys and the butler but no evidence show up.

Will Klaus can find any other solution to make the team beat Iron Tank? Everyone knows Super Fran is dedicated to Supa Strikas for life - her name isn't Super Fran for nothing!

So when the time comes for the Strikas to nominate their ultimate fan, the choice is easy. Then, a kid who told himself is Supa Strikas's fan and his football gave it to her.

But Super Fran didn't known this kid is really Invincible United's fan and Skaara, Dingaan is behind to sign him for retrieval uncharacteristic for the disnominace plan with Vince.

Are there any solution to protect Super Fran and her favorite team beat this discipled team, Invincible United?

With the Strika Jet grounded due to icy weather, the Men in Red take a bus trip to Feratuvia, the home ground of Grimm FC. On the way they realise that El Matador's live stream, Klaus's constant bathroom breaks, and a creepy Grimm FC gift shop are the least of their worries, as the forests of Feratuvia hold something much more terrifyng After Supa Strikas shock loss to Invincible United.

He is an optional pit-fight opponent in Final Fight Streetwise. He also appears as a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter IV. She is featured prominently in Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls , operating under the name "Helen" and organizing a group of fighters to help stop Bison's plan in order to advance the Illuminati's goals.

She later joins the playable roster during the game's second season of DLC content. The fighting style she uses is Systema , a hybrid Russian martial arts that can be seen in her use of counters, throws and strikes.

He is the third of four children, with two older brothers and a younger sister. He also has massive data.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he wanders off from his home village and into the vicinity of Moscow , where he comes into contact with Gill's organization, which remodels his DNA to turn him into a living weapon, granting him superhuman flexibility.

His fighting style is simulated by computer, then programmed into his brain with cyber implants. Necro's story is the same in 2nd Impact , in which he gains the nickname "super electromagnetic alien".

In this game, however, he also has a role as one of Hugo's potential final bosses and tag partners, forming the tag team "Thunderbolt".

In 3rd Strike , Necro and Effie are pursued by agents of the organization, but still live in hope of "truth and liberty".

In his ending, Necro saves Effie from falling and thwarts agents of the Illuminati at the Siberian railroad. Q, who first appears in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike , is a mysterious individual in a trenchcoat and hat, whose face is concealed by an expressionless metal mask, based on the main character from Tokusatsu series Robot Detective Robot Keiji K.

Q is being tracked by the CIA because of his presence in numerous strange disasters. All of Q's techniques are named in "descriptive" form rather than with traditionally-styled move names, as if they are given by people who have watched him fight.

Q was nominated third by Heavy. After Remy's sister died, he encased her body in an iced casket, which he keeps in an underwater cove in the Bay of Biscay.

Remy takes his aggression out on other martial artists by challenging them to battle. Remy's rival match illustrates this, as his sudden appearance and challenge surprise Alex, who thinks him nothing but a troubled man.

In his ending, Remy realizes that he has been inadvertently following in his father's footsteps. He makes peace with his sister and follows a new path.

His attacks are similar to that of Guile and Charlie, but no notable connection to them has been established. Impressed by Ken's performance at a martial arts rally, Sean seeks to become his disciple, calling him "Master Ken".

An intense but courteous young man, Sean is determined to win no matter what. He was once trained by his grandfather, who was of Japanese descent.

Sean's greatest weakness is receiving attacks while attacking. He dreams of creating his original special moves. In his ending, he becomes Ken's disciple, only to be told that he needs to defeat Ryu to become worthy.

In 3rd Strike , Sean is allowed to participate in a martial arts tournament, but Ken tells him that his current skills will not even get him through the preliminaries and that he needs to develop his own style.

In his 3rd Strike ending, Sean dreams that he has won the championship title, but in fact he loses in the qualifying rounds as a result of his lack of training.

Capcom , and as a supporting character in Street Fighter V. His stage background, shared with Necro, is Saint Basil's Cathedral. Twelve is the ultimate humanoid weapon developed by Gill's organization.

He has a shapeshifting body that is an improved and strengthened version of the prototype body given to Necro. Via the X. His targets are filled with despair when he corners them.

Despite being considered as a failure, a raw material of Eleven was used to resurrect Charlie Nash by Kolin. Obsessively following every lead on the whereabouts of Shadaloo's remnants, he was found in the burning remains of a Shadaloo base and nursed back to health by a group of mercenaries, working alongside them to rediscover his past and to defeat Shadaloo once and for all.

He recognizes Guile's "Sonic Boom" technique, but refuses to comment when Guile presses him for information about Charlie , its originator.

It is hinted in his original ending that Abel may have been abducted in his youth to serve as a "replacement body" for M. Bison, or created by Shadaloo as a prototype of Seth, a later replacement body.

This is reinforced by dialogue from both Bison and Seth, who refer to him as "the one that got away". The appearance of his eyes change to resemble Seth's during the initiation of his ultra combo.

It is also hinted that Charlie was the person that helped him as Abel recognizes Guile's fighting style and Abel even comments to Chun-Li about the soldier that rescued him from Shadaloo.

Abel's fighting style has elements from Judo , Kyokushin style of karate, Wrestling , Sambo and Mixed martial arts.

He obsesses big judo or wrestling type of throws and slams as well his signature move Flying wheel kick Jap. Mawashi kaiten geri which is originally a full contact karate technique.

He usually wears sambo like composition; blue judogi or sambo kurtka with white shorts and belt and also pair of shin pads and MMA gloves.

In Street Fighter IV his alternate outfit is like the original, only with blue wrestling singlets with embroidered French flag on his chest.

Abel appears as a playable character in the crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken , with his official tag partner, Guile.

In the original design, he was a young judo fighter who wore pigtails and "could be mistaken for a girl". He is found and freed by Balrog, who believes Ed's ability to channel Psycho Power like Bison could be useful.

He is featured in Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls , having undergone accelerated aging and working alongside Balrog for Shadaloo. He later joins the playable roster during the game's second season of DLC content, now a grown adult and leader of Neo Shadaloo, an organization seeking to help others who were victims of Shadaloo's experiments.

Bison, as he has the boxing prowess of the former and psychokinetic powers of the latter. He is an aspiring chef who seeks out the greatest fighters to learn what they eat and incorporate their recipes into his cooking.

Despite his love of cooking, he seems to be an incompetent chef. Many of his moves have names referring to Mexican food. The UDON comic series of Street Fighter shows El Fuerte as a big fan of R.

He immediately recognizes fellow wrestler Zangief as "Tornado Rojo" Red Twister , and then announces his own title as "The Hurricane of the Gulf of Mexico".

He has a friendly rivalry with T. Hawk, who bested him before the events of Super Street Fighter IV and told him to challenge him again when he got stronger.

The character of El Fuerte is inspired by real wrestlers from Mexico, in particular El Santo , a prominent Mexican wrestler who also wore a silver mask.

He makes a cameo appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken. This enables him to slide across the ground and launch his opponents by squeezing them through his bulging muscles.

Hakan is the father of seven young children and the president of a company that seeks to create the perfect olive oil. He is apparently old friends with E.

Honda, his fighting rival in Super Street Fighter IV. He is a Canadian member of Metro City's Mad Gear gang who originally appeared as a boss character in 's Final Fight.

Seeking to clean up his act, he starts up a legitimate scrap metal business in Metro City, aided by fellow Mad Gear members Roxy, Axl and J. He is the game's largest character, towering over other heavyweights such as Zangief and Birdie.

He has a move called the Ontario drop, and likes to mimic car sounds. Despite fighting out of Metro City, he is noted for being the first playable character in the series who is a Canadian national.

She was first introduced in 's Rival Schools: United by Fate as a high school student who poses as a male biker in order to enroll at Gedo High and find out the truth behind her older brother Daigo's disappearance.

Her fighting style is derived from Bajiquan , a Chinese martial art that utilizes elbow and shoulder strikes. While the Rival Schools series has long been established as taking place in the same world as the Street Fighter series, Akira is the first Rival Schools character to appear as a guest in a mainline Street Fighter game.

Falke was built by Shadaloo to be an alternative clone for M. Bison and forced to undergo relentless experimentation and training.

After being rescued by Ed, the duo became founding members of Neo Shadaloo. Due to the experiments performed on her, she can channel psycho power through her staff "Harmony".

G is a character introduced in Street Fighter V DLC season 3, who claims to be the "President of the World" and seeks to unite all of its people, using social media to spread his message and streaming video of his battles with strong fighters.

During battle, he can perform a "G Charge" to increase his presidentiality level, enhancing his special moves. He can also create a momentary shield to protect him from single-hit projectile attacks.

The Satsui no Hado is purged from Ryu's body during the events of Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls , but somehow develops sentience and manifests as an independent physical entity calling itself Kagenaru Mono.

Kage's fighting style is reminiscent of the Evil Ryu character. His own character story ends with him fading away from existence after Ryu overwhelms him by tapping to the Power of Nothingness.

She is a Brazilian fighter who uses a grappling style based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dubbed Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu and electricity which she harnesses in the form of projectile attacks.

She is the older sister to Sean Matsuda from Street Fighter III. Natascha Hopkins portrayed Laura in the miniseries Street Fighter: Resurrection.

Laura's depiction as a sexualized character with a highly suggestive outfit in Street Fighter V has attracted commentary.

In an opinion piece published by Red Bull , Greg Candalez drew attention to comments made by producer Yoshinori Ono during an October interview, where Ono admitted that Laura reflected the fanciful perception the Japanese public have of Brazilian women.

Candalez said Laura exemplifies the inappropriate and inaccurate stereotype of Brazilian women by international audiences as being sensual and prone to dressing provocatively.

She was first introduced in 's Final Fight 3 as a detective with Metro City's Special Crimes Unit and one of the game's player characters.

There, she worked with Guy and Haggar to take down the Skull Cross gang as thanks for Haggar clearing her of a false charge in the past.

In Street Fighter V , she continues to work with the Metro City Police Department under Mayor Cody, but is contacted by Haggar and asked to investigate a Mad Gear plot.

She is the youthful, Egyptian apprentice of Rose , and like her is able to wield Soul Power and foresee future events.

She can summon multiple orbs that can be shot away or retrieved. Her name may be a reference to the menat , an artifact linked to the cult of the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

She also serves as the shopkeeper for the game's loot box system. Necalli is an ancient Aztec spiritual entity who descends from time to time to challenge the strongest living fighters and devour their souls after defeating them.

Necalli is the only character in Street Fighter V who does not have a skeleton when electrocuted. In A Shadow Falls , he appears as an antagonist, neither related to Shadaloo nor the Secret Society.

He is apparently permanently destroyed by Akuma in the latter's character story. Accompanied by his attendant Azam, He is searching for a missing friend, who used to work as a S.

Engineer before being kidnapped by Bison and Shadaloo. Rashid has an obsession with the newest technology and is capable of producing small tornadoes, earning him the nickname "Rashid of the Turbulent Wind".

The creation of Rashid was a close collaboration between Capcom Japan, Sony, and Pluto Games. The Street Fighter EX series is developed by Arika , a company formed of former Capcom employees.

Arika later developed its own fighting game featuring characters from the series, Fighting EX Layer , which was released in Ace uses a custom fighting style, which the player can edit by passing a series of trials in the game's Character Edit mode.

Ken told Allen that he was only a "big fish in a small pond". Motivated by these words, Allen sets out to prove that he can be the best not only in America, but in the world.

She is the daughter of a scientific inventor, and her intellect is said to surpass his. When her father's inventions fail to sell, she modifies them as weapons and tests them in combat against the world's greatest martial artists.

She fights wearing a light blue leotard and long boots. In addition to receiving a formal education, Blair has trained herself in various combat sports, believing that one day she will need to know how to defend her loved ones as well as herself.

She travels the world to hone her skills with her bodyguard Cracker Jack, whom her mother has hired to protect her. Blair is acquainted with Pullum, as they are both members of the International Debutante Club.

Like Allen, Blair appears in Arika's arcade fighting game Fighting Layer , in which she takes a sudden trip to South Island. Jack or just Jack, is a bat-wielding former bouncer from Las Vegas, known for his unstoppable punches.

While being pursued by an unknown organization, he becomes Blair's bodyguard to travel the world and flee his pursuers. In Street Fighter EX2 , his younger sister is kidnapped by an underground fighting champion named Bharat.

In Street Fighter EX2 Plus , he continues to be pursued by the mysterious organization, [92] and by the end of Street Fighter EX3 he seeks refuge in Blair's mansion.

In Fighting EX Layer , Jack escapes the organization by leaving Blair's employ and fleeing to America. Beta primarily uses command-based special moves, while Gamma specializes in charge-based moves.

Both characters were based on test models used for motion capture during the development of the game. Beta is an untextured blue polygonal model resembling a male human, and Gamma is a green wireframed model.

His back-story for Street Fighter EX2 establishes that he was raised in a mercenary training facility, where he was trained in the use of weapons similar to Rolento's, such as knives, grenades, and wires.

Dark once served in the American armed forces. He was in a special forces unit led by Guile when it became involved in a scuffle against a rival unit led by Rolento.

Holger was the sole survivor of his unit, but suffered tremendous physical and mental scars. He seeks revenge against Guile, feeling that he did not train him sufficiently.

During the development of Street Fighter EX , the developers nicknamed him "Mr. In Fighting EX Layer , Dark appears as a villanous character influenced by Garuda's negative energy.

Doctrine Dark was among the 20 fighters GamesRadar wished were included in Street Fighter X Tekken. He is a popular wrestling champion from India who seeks to challenge other wrestlers such as Zangief and Victor Ortega from the Saturday Night Slam Masters series.

He agrees to become Pullum Pubna's bodyguard, hoping to use the opportunity to travel the world and fight many wrestlers. He is absent from the original Street Fighter EX2 , but returns in Street Fighter EX2 Plus , in which he obtains another opportunity to fight against more wrestlers around the world after Pullum becomes a princess.

He is a demon dressed in samurai-like armor who wields a sword hidden within his own body. Garuda's form is said to change depending on his opponent: he takes a strong form against warriors seeking strength and feeds on the hatred of warriors who are seeking vengeance.

At the end of the original EX2 , he vanquishes the demon his father once sealed and saves the local shrine maiden, becoming the new guardian deity of Kukunoichi.

He was re-included in the PlayStation version of the game as a hidden character. When Hokuto turned 17, she was sent on a journey to find her older half-brother Kairi, who went missing years before.

Unknown to Hokuto, the true purpose of her journey was not only to find her brother, but to defeat him. In the original Street Fighter EX , Hokuto wears a blue-white outfit resembling that of a Japanese archer, and white hachimaki around her long hair.

In EX2 , she wears a hakama and ties her hair in a pony-tail. She reverts to her original design in EX3. Kairi was born to the main house of the Mizukami family and was trained in the family's traditional art of karate.

He appears in the original EX and its re-releases with long black hair and a scar over his left eye. He lost his memories while fighting an unknown challenger and now walks the "Path of the Shura", fighting to survive.

He learns that he is the elder brother of Hokuto, who has been on a mission to find him. In EX2 , his hair has changed from black to white as a result of his constant battles.

After confronting Hokuto and Nanase, he recovers his memories and learns that he was responsible for the death of their father.

She was raised to be a successor to the Mizugami clan. Nanase is a skilled master of bojutsu. Nanase becomes worried about Hokuto after she leaves the shrine where they live and does not return.

She then learns from her grandfather that she has a brother named Kairi, whom Hokuto was sent to find. She goes on a journey to find Hokuto and Kairi, unaware that the journey is also a test to determine whether she is fit to inherit the Mizugami teachings.

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Super Strike Characters
Super Strike Characters


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