Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

The University of Melbourne is deeply concerned for our community who face uncertainty due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and associated travel restrictions. We have been in contact with every affected student and continue to provide support and care for everyone in our community who may be affected.

亚洲偷偷自拍免费视频_紫夜在线手机视频_在线手机AV 网站_国产在线人成观看With the Australian Government’s announcement to extend current travel restrictions by a further week until Saturday, 7 March 2020, the University continues to strongly support students during these exceptional circumstances.

Our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our University community. We understand this has been a difficult time for those who have been affected and we are working hard to ensure our students can complete their studies on time.

As an integral part of our scholarly community and in recognition of the financial impact experienced by students affected by COVID-19 and associated travel restrictions, the University of Melbourne is offering a student support package to help students commence or return to study.

亚洲偷偷自拍免费视频_紫夜在线手机视频_在线手机AV 网站_国产在线人成观看Students who have been affected by COVID-19 and associated travel restrictions are eligible for support grants. These support grants are intended to help students with unanticipated expenses incurred as a result of the travel restrictions related to COVID-19 and to help students transition to or return to study at the University of Melbourne.

Eligible expenses include accommodation costs, fees associated with unrecoverable flight changes, additional costs associated with the 14-day self-isolation period, upgrading technology to facilitate flexible learning and other associated financial impacts.

We are also providing a range of wellbeing and course planning support measures, including but not limited to flexible start dates, digital resources and catch-up arrangements.

亚洲偷偷自拍免费视频_紫夜在线手机视频_在线手机AV 网站_国产在线人成观看We are working with the Government, higher education sector, government agencies and partners to continue to provide a holistic and effective response to this ongoing and evolving situation.

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